Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


Hi. My name is Saria Parker. I am the Founder of Sportsimist, a lifestyle brand for the unapologetic woman in sports. I have always played sports growing up with basketball being my favorite. I ended up playing all of the way until college, and then stopped to transition into my newfound passion which was Fashion. As I got older, I wanted to come up with a way to merge the two, and Sportsimist was born. It is a way for me to show my creative side but also give back to other women in sports. It is truly the best of both worlds. I feel so accomplished to have grown a brand that has grown so fast within a year. It is something I am so proud of.


What is an issue or topic you are passionate about or would like to see changed?

I would love to see the diversity surrounding women in sports MORE diverse. Everyone should stick together and be able to bring one another up. I have always been passionate about this topic and it is something I take very seriously. I believe education of allies is so important, followed by real meaningful action.


What specific strategies would you like to see parents, coaches or sport administrators do to improve diversity in sport or progress your cause?


Representation matters and there should be an example of at least one person on every team that looks different between the next. If everyone looks the same, you will not be able to get your best performance out of your team no matter how good they are.


What is your favourite leadership quote?  ​


Do it scared.


If you had 25 words worth of advice to share, what would you say? 


​Remember why you started and keep going. 




I absolutely love listening to podcasts but my favorite is game of her own by Jahaan Blake. It is a podcast for women in sports, by a woman in sport who gives fantastic career advice. At this point Jahaan provides over 100 episodes of career gems you won’t be able to find anywhere else.