Week 11: Tricia Warwick


Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


I grew up in London, Ontario born into an athletic family where my dad played semi-professional soccer for Trinidad and Tobago and my mother a star high school track star and two older sisters who were all-star athletes the pressure was on.  I played basketball, volleyball and track & field all through high school, collecting MVPs and breaking records in each sport, but my favourite was basketball – I enjoyed the team atmosphere and the constant action on the court.  Through playing OBA basketball with the London Steelers I was able to secure a basketball scholarship to Ohio State University.  My NCAA basketball career was short lived with a broken ankle injury, but I continued to be a team member courtside and graduated with a Bachelor of Education and a minor degree in accounting.

I am now a basketball coach, referee and organize opportunities for girls to become involved in playing basketball.  Just trying to give back and provide the same opportunities that I received.


How has sport helped you develop skills for your work today?


Playing multiple sports and attending school has made me learn how to manage and organize my time in order to get everything done. Time management is always key to being successful in whatever you do.  Having the right balance and making sure you have time for yourself is important.  Being organize will help with how much time you waste.  Being efficient is key to accomplishing everything.


How has sport helped you be a better leader? How do you define leadership?


By playing team sports I have learned when to take charge and become a leader.  Being a leader is not always about telling people what to do, it is about how you tell people what to do in order to get them to be the best them.  Leadership is being the example – by working hard and not taking shortcuts, pushing yourself past your limits so that others will see and want to join you.


What is one piece of advice would you have for young female athletes today?


Keep going and always get another opinion!