Week 25: Carolyne Prevost



Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 


My name is Carolyne Prevost and I am a high school teacher at Gaétan-Gervais in Oakville. I have been involved in sports my entire life and continue to be active right now. I currently play for the Toronto Furies in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. I also compete at the international level in Crossfit and play in a premier soccer league in the summer. Over the years, I have had the chance to win multiple national championship titles in different sports as well as play on several National teams. Sports and physical activity has always played a huge part in my life.

What is something you learned by being on a team? How does that apply to your work?


I’ve learned that each person brings something special to a team and it’s important to work together towards a certain goal. You can really learn a lot from each person on a team and the team is always stronger working together. Having the experience of playing team sports has helped me in all aspects of life including my work. As a teacher, I am constantly working with my colleagues to help students attain their goals not only in the classroom but outside of it also. I am also constantly learning from my students and growing as a teacher.


Who is a leader you admire and why?


One of the biggest leaders I admire is Meghan Duggan from the USA Olympic Women’s hockey team. She happened to be my captain at the University of Wisconsin and the best leader I’ve played with. I loved watching her work ethic on and off the ice and I learned a lot from playing with her. She is also a big advocate of equality for female athletes which I think is so important! She is a big role model to many female athletes including myself.


What is one piece of advice would you have for young female athletes today?


I hope that young female athletes can feel confident, empowered and happy being physically active. Physical activity and sports are so empowering and I hope that these young female athletes find something they can be passionate about and strive to become a better version of themselves.

In the high school I work at, we are part of a program this year called Fit Spirit which gives female students opportunities to participate in a variety of physical activities and at the end of the year strive towards a goal of running a 5km or 10km race. This is a great way for many females to get started being physically active and to find a community of female athletes striving for similar goals!


Instagram: @cprevost27