Week 26: Frances Turk

Naturopathic Doctor


Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


I grew up in Malton, which is a small neighbourhood in the northeastern portion of the city of Mississauga, Ontario. It was small town at the time, but I imagine it has gotten much larger since I moved! I went to the University of Guelph where I obtained my undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Nutraceutical science. I then went off to the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine where I graduated and am now a practicing Naturopathic Doctor in 2 clinics that I own and operate. One of my clinics is in Rockwood, Ontario and is a single operation where I am the “it girl”, meaning I do everything from administrative tasks, marketing and booking and seeing patients. The other clinic is in Guelph, Ontario and it is a multidisciplinary clinic with 10 other practitioners. Having both types of clinics has been really interesting in the dynamics of how one is so vastly different than the other. The multidisciplinary clinic has been a great love of mine in that we do consider ourselves a team and are very supportive of each other. I do believe this comes from our mutual love and respect from different backgrounds of sport and teamwork related environments.


I am also a Disc Jockey and Race announcer with a company I own and operated for 28 years. I love this job immensely because not only do I get to watch people have a great time listening to their favorite music on the dancefloor, but in the last 20 years, I have also taken my skills on the road of race announcing different sports, such as triathlons, running races, and obstacle courses. Being able to cheer on athletes young and young at heart at the beginning of their race as well as crossing the finish line is a great love and passion of mine, as I do want to share the love and appreciation for those who have worked hard to compete in these races and be able to be proud of their accomplishments.


Oh my goodness! I have one more thing that I do! I am also a personal trainer and had worked at a gym for 5 years having one on one training with clients of various ages and abilities. I have continued to use my fitness training skills in boot camp style classes weekly.


I have played a variety of sports my entire life and feel I have some sort of addiction to any and all sports! I haven’t found an event yet I didn’t like! I have been involved in badminton, tennis, ball hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball, track and field events, mountain biking, curling and triathlon. I currently play in a competitive volleyball league in Guelph, and curl competitively in Milton and am training for triathlon which I hope to get into some races this coming year.

What qualities in a teammate for sport or work do you look for? Why?


I really enjoy playing with supportive and encouraging players. I like the competitive nature of sport, but I also like to play with people that work together with a team as opposed to those who are self-serving, negative or bully-like. That saying “there is no I in team” is a fantastic true nature of how I feel when it comes to team sport. No one should be working alone in a team. We work together to get that point, that goal, that win! I also find that this type of positivity and encouragement from fellow teammates helps to develop skills in sport and has helped me get better at the sport I am playing. Advice from higher skilled players in a positive note goes a long way. This type of positive environment is just so helpful for self-esteem, and self-confidence in more than just that sport; it helps in everyday life!


How has sport helped you be a better leader? How do you define leadership?


I have found that being around like-minded individuals in sport has helped me in many aspects of my life. As I mentioned, it has helped improve my self-confidence and self-esteem as I learn and grow in my profession(s). Failure used to be a huge setback for me just as losing a game was a great disappointment. I find that sport has helped me to learn more about what failure really means. The acronym that I learned so long ago is “F.A.I.L = First Attempt In Learning”. Isn’t that grand? I love it! I find in my leadership role that I try and explain how failure is not always a bad thing, but a chance to learn and grow. I use this learning both in sport AND in my workplace(s) because it is empowering to know that you are able to continue to build upon your skills the more you try and the more you work together. I feel that greatness can be achieved by anyone with the right attitude and the right support. That is why I will always help those who are on my team both in sport and in the workplace, because their success is my success too!

What is one piece of advice would you have for young female athletes today?


I would hope for girls to own who they are and feel empowered by their talents regardless of where they are in sport. Their opportunities will become stronger as they become stronger both intellectually and physically. I believe my comment to young female athletes would be to “NEVER EVER GIVE UP”. Find the right people to help to overcome challenges and obstacles and keep an open mind to learn and grow both in sport and in life’s journeys. You never know where your teamwork will land you, but you will always know that your positive attitude and fierce competitive spirit will take you places you never dreamed you could go, and it is those teammates who have helped you along the way, that help you to work towards teaching others the same things you were able to learn. I find this empowering on so many levels and will continue to never ever give up on my dreams and goals.


Thank you for this opportunity to share. I am so passionate about cheering on my fellow teammates both on my team and opposition. Learn and grow!!!