Week 31: Sara Sterling
Event Planner


Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 


I am a Mom and event planner who enjoys time with my teenage kids as well as my fabulous group of friends. I’ve been organizing running races for 15 years now, helping to give back to charities like Markham Stouffville Hospital, Southlake Hospital, Plan Canada and Sick Kids. Growing up I figure skated and played field hockey, loving the competitive aspect of both. Now I enjoy golf with my partner and friends.


What are you passionate about? How did you discover your passion?


I am passionate about supporting girls’ education and rights in developing nations, and have been fundraising and working with Because I am a Girl for 9 years. My parents always taught me how important it was to give back and I’ve always sponsored a child through Plan Canada. When they launched the Because I am a Girl campaign I got involved right away, as I believe strongly in giving girls around the world the opportunities they deserve. I feel very fortunate to have visited some of the girls I’ve supported in Tanzania, on a trip with my daughter in 2010. I have also received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for my charity work with Plan.


How has sport helped you be a better leader? How do you define leadership?


To me leadership is encouraging others to grow and evolve in what they are interested in, in what they want to grow in. I was the Captain of my high school field hockey team and really enjoyed that challenge. Now that I own my own business, I enjoy working with a team that I can help teach and train in various ways.


Why do you think it’s important to get involved in sport or physical activity?


I think sports helps us keep clear minds, get our thoughts away from the crazy day-to-day, and brings us together with others who have similar interest – who want to work as a team to achieve the same goal.




Twitter: @sararaces



Instagram: @saraluke5545