Stephanie Corker



Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 


Steph Corker is the founder of The Corker Co, starting the company after spending the last 12 years recruiting across several sectors. She held senior management positions for over 10 years at two major North American retailers before starting her own management training and consulting company. She is a natural connector and knows the power of partnering a great employee and manager together – having placed new employees at lululemon athletica, Outdoor Voices, Saje Wellness, Stitch Fix, and Figs. Second to that is her passion for sharing her knowledge. Steph has led workshops for Google, WestJet, and The Rennie Group to help take their team from performing to soaring.


She is a member of a VC firm – Campfire Capital – investing in entrepreneurs who dare to dream big. She is also a professional Ironman athlete and loves to add a little aloha everywhere she goes.


I’d also include: I began my love of sport as a swimmer during my childhood. This transformed into a love of the sport of triathlon in my early 20’s. Since then, I have explored what’s possible (for me!) as an amateur and now professional Ironman athlete. I’ve crossed 22 finish lines – having had some best days and some really rough days, yet never not being grateful for having a body that has yet to break and a spirit that remains unreasonably optimistic!


How has sport helped you develop skills for your work today?


Frankly, sport has given me more than I could have ever asked for. The lessons of winning and more importantly losing; the feelings of euphoria and utter heartbreak; the joy in the every day grueling sessions and the undeniable sacrifices along the way — it’s been more than an MBA in life and business.


I’m grateful for my commitment to sport and to becoming the best Steph Corker I can be because it undeniably translates to how we run our business. We are relentless in our pursuit to make a difference, we are compassionate on the hard days and most of all, we truly are your biggest fans! (Every athlete can appreciate the power of a cheerleader!)

Who is a leader you admire and why?  


I have a ton of respect for female professional athletes — being in the game of sport as a women is harder than ever! Full stop. Serena Williams is changing the game. Mia Hamm is a legend. Old school females who paved the way are also true role models to me.


Beyond sport, I have enormous respect for Seth Godin for many reasons, most of all, because he continues to do work that matters against the pull of gravity to stop or slow down, every single day. No one generates like Seth generates and MAKING is so dang sexy!


Have you experienced failure or a barrier that you have learned from? From that experience, what advice would you share with young athletes?


I’ve set sport goals and failed more times than I’ve achieved them! I still love sport and have refused to give up. On totality, I’ve only gotten stronger and faster — just not always on my timeframe/ desired outcome. Therein lies the lesson — are you willing to hang on regardless of how long it may take? Of course!


In business we have also failed at many quarterly goals – or rather, I should say that I have! I think we have set big goals and our ambitious nature makes failing happen. I also think it is easy to get paralyzed as an entreprenuer. Where to begin? What matters most – when everything feels like it matters most? I would say that I’ve fallen guilty to failure here big time. And what I’m most proud of is that I’ve still gotten up just one.more.time!


It’s cliche to say that it is not a failure if you have learned something – yet the relevance of these sorts of inspirational quotes really mean something to me these days. I don’t take positivity for granted, ever!


Instagram: @steph_corker