Week 50: Jennifer Tam



Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 


I grew up in Kingston, Ontario and graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Physical & Health Education and Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy degree. I currently work as a physical therapist focusing in the area of neurological rehabilitation.


While pursuing my studies, I was a member of the Queen’s track and field team. Since graduating, I have pursued a variety of other recreational sports such as ultimate frisbee, cycling, and rock climbing.



What kind of barriers have you overcome in your life? 


Growing up, athletics wasn’t a part of my family life.  I didn’t have any role models to look up to when I was a little kid. I was late to become involved in athletics and I’ve always felt that I missed out on the developmental years. I didn’t start playing organized sports until grade 8 when my parents signed me up for soccer.



What skills did you learn in sport that have helped you overcome these barriers?


I have learned to put myself in unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations to do things that are difficult and foreign.  As an adult, this has motivated me to continue to explore new sports and activities.

Who is a leader you admire and why?


It’s not any one person.  I see strong leadership qualities in my close friends and I draw inspiration from them.



What is one piece of advice would you have for young female athletes today?


It is never too late to try something new. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone because ultimately, that’s how we grow.