Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


My name is Laura and I play on the Senior Women’s National Ultimate Frisbee Team. I’ve always had a passion for sports, since I was 5 years old I played competitive hockey, soccer and basketball. To cross-train in my off season in high school my friend asked me to try out of the Frisbee team and I immediately fell in love with it. Since then I have had the opportunity to play on 7 national teams, touring all across North America and competing in 6 World Championships taking place in places like Italy, Australia, Poland, etc. With my club team, we have 2 gold medals at the Canadian National Championships and a silver at the US National Championships. I have also been very fortunate to play in ultimate at my university (Queen’s), placing in the top 3 for all four of my years while maintaining an Academic-Allstar status. I am currently training for the next world championships that have currently been post-ponded.


What is your favourite part about sport? Why? 


Throughout my athletic career I have always played Team sports as opposed to Individual sports. This is because I love the feeling of working with other individuals to reach a common goal.  Nothing feels better than having a strong connection with your teammates. Connecting with a teammate on the field/court/rink, knowing exactly what they are going to do and being able to read the play before it happens is my favorite part of playing. Lastly, being able to celebrate a big win with a full team, acknowledging the hard work and effort everyone put in is something I’ve always loved.


What are a few qualities of a great teammate? How did you embody those qualities?   


My mother, who has coached me in many of my sports, has instilled the belief that sports provides many life lessons. The dedication required, the ability to work well with others, the personal accountability, are just a few of the lessons that sports has taught me. To be a good teammate I believe it is the most important attribute you can learn. It requires you to be inclusive, a good

communicator and most importantly a good listener. I have had the opportunity to captain and coach teams, I’ve played on teams where I have been one of the strongest players and on teams where I have been the weakest. Being in each of these situations has taught me different perspectives and allowed me to understand team dynamics better.

What advice do you have for parents, coaches or sport administrators to encourage or improve sport for females?


I think it is incredibly important to build an athlete’s confidence. I believe sports psychology is essential for an athlete’s success and by building an environment where an athlete knows their value add to a team, knows their skill set and their importance to a team is instrumental. Often at times I hear the difference between how females and males speak to their accomplishments. This is not true for everyone but generally I find females are more reserved and are hesitant about highlighting their successes. I believe it is important to demonstrate the achievements of female athletes and make it a norm for young female athletes to see.


What is a quote that motivates you?


“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that’s why I succeed” – Michael Jordan


Instagram: @lokinoshita