Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I’m currently in middle school in the Ottawa area. I enjoy a lot of different sports and like to stay active. When I was born, I was diagnosed with a rare medical condition called bladder exstrophy, requiring an 8-hour invasive surgery in Toronto when I was only 1 day old. Following the surgery, I was in intensive care at the hospital for two more months before I could go home. At a follow-up appointment in February 2007, an x-ray showed my hip bones weren’t in the right place, which is called hip dysplasia. That required another surgery, and then I had to be in a full body cast for 3 months, and a brace after that. My first year was pretty challenging, and hard on our family, but I think it made me into a tougher and more hard-working person. I was followed by orthopedics and urology over the years, and continue to face medical and personal challenges, including having my older brother diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2015, requiring chemotherapy and surgery.


Through it all, I focus on academics, being involved in various clubs, music (choir and guitar) and have an active social life with my family and friends. My sports background is varied, having played t-ball, soccer, touch football, ringette, basketball, and more recently focused on Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball. I competed with the Ottawa Junior Girls Ultimate team in at the National Championships in 2019, and recently qualified for the Board championships with my school volleyball team. I volunteer coach as well, and enjoy giving back to my community through supporting the children’s hospital and other important causes that are close to me and my family.

What is your favourite part about sport? Why?

My favourite part about sport is being part of a team.  As teammates you always have each other’s backs, on and off the field.  I think that having a bond with the other players makes being involved in a team that much more fun, and that much more special.  Also, by joining sport communities you get the opportunity to meet people from all over.  Even if you live far away from each other, you always get to come back and play the sport that draws you together.  I met people from Newfoundland, Edmonton, Vancouver and all across Canada from Juniors Ultimate Frisbee Nationals last August.  It’s so cool that people that live hundreds or thousands of kilometers apart can come together and play sports.  And finally, not only have you made amazing friends, you’ve gained a family and community.  Through all of the struggles, the long and difficulty practices, the tournaments and all the other shared experiences, you have developed a life-long connection with these people.

What would you tell a girl who is thinking of dropping out of sport?

I think that many girls who are thinking of dropping out of sports are doing so because of lack of confidence in their abilities, and not feeling as good or as skilled as others.  I would tell them to make the effort and commitment, and work hard at practice to improve, but most importantly, to believe in yourself and know that you can do it.  Think about the role models you have in your life, and what challenges they have overcome to succeed and persevere, and to be inspired by the other strong girls and women around you.

What advice do you have for parents, coaches or sport administrators to encourage or improve sport for females?

I would advise them to incorporate sports into their lives at an early age.  If they’ve played a sport for a long time, they’re most likely more confident.  When the player is confident, they are unlikely to quit, and they’ll always put their best efforts in.  Also, sign her up for a series of sports when she’s young, so she can figure out what she does and does not like about them.  If she likes more contact, or solo sports, like swimming or gymnastics, or team sports like soccer or basketball.  Let her take the time to figure out the type of sport she enjoys.  The most important part is to be active and involved in sports throughout your life!


What is a song that motivates you?

Remember the Name – Fort Minor