Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


My name is Kate Davies and I’m 19 years old. I am currently studying Fitness and Health Promotion at Durham College.  I recently played for the Durham Lords women’s soccer team and it was an amazing experience. I enjoy most sports and by far my favourite sports are ringette and soccer. I’ve played ringette and soccer since I was 5 years old and loved it ever since. During my time playing ringette I have been able to accomplish so many things like, being able to go to Nationals in Leduc, Alberta to compete with elite level athletes. I got to represent central region and be part of the AAA central region ringette team where we got to go to the Ontario Winter Games.


In regards to soccer, I have an amazing opportunity to play on a college team for the Durham Lords which was my overall goal for my whole life. Which I am very proud about.


I attended Monsignor John Preyema for high school and was involved in many sports like soccer, badminton, track and field, baseball and lacrosse.  In grade 10 I got junior female athlete of the year and the soccer and badminton award. In grade 12 I got the senior Female Athlete. It was definitely an amazing high school experience.


What are ways you demonstrate being an inclusive teammate or ally?


Some ways I demonstrate being an inclusive teammate is making sure all of us are able to play the sport we love and cherish. Being able to practice, being on a team and making sure everyone is getting their needs as a player. It is also about showing others how I can help my teammate as a whole person. Lastly, it is making sure everyone is feeling safe and have the ability to demonstrate their strengths without being put down.


How has sport helped you be a better leader?


Sports has definitely been able to help me become a better leader because for myself I am always been a quiet person and don’t really use my voice as much as I should. But I’ve learned from being apart of a sport is sometimes being a leader doesn’t have to be the loudest most vocal person. It’s someone for leads by example and supports you for everything and I feel like saw that in myself.


What advice do you have for parents, coaches or sport administrators to encourage or improve sport for females?


In my experience of playing the ringette where the majority of players are female and is big on leading female sports. I would tell coaches and parents that females don’t always want to just win or just be the best on the team. They really enjoy being involved with a team and having your teammates be your number one supporter and someone to talk to. Sports bring people together and I know that any female sports team they will be friends forever and have this bond that you will never find anywhere.

What is a quote that motivates you?


A quote that really motivates me is “your only limit is your mind”. Your mind can really bring you down if you think you can’t do something, but you have so much control on how you think about certain things.  However, if you think about something will happen, it will probably turn out. So positive thoughts only!


Instagram: @kate.d14