Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


My name is Miya Waldron, I am recently enrolled into my first year at Laurentian University. I enjoy sports, music, and social outings especially with my family and friends. Baseball has always been my main sport, but I have also played hockey, rugby, curling, volleyball, and many more.


I fell in love with baseball when I played my first season with the Georgina Bulldogs boys rep team at age seven. I then continued to play with my guys team while also joining Baseball Ontario’s women’s program in 2016. With Baseball Ontario I have earned four Gold Medals, one Silver, and one Bronze. I personally have earned Top Hitter of the Tournament, multiple offensive and defensive awards and have earned a role as a leader on and off the field.


I will be attending Laurentian University studying Sports and Physical Education while playing on the Varsity Men’s Baseball team. I also am a part of the Lead Thru Sports post-secondary Youth Advisory Board.


What is the best advice you’ve received as a leader or athlete? How do you apply this advice? 


“Take it day by day, moment by moment, at bat by at bat, pitch by pitch” – Kate Psota

This advice was given to me when I was having a slump at baseball and will forever stick with me. To me it means slow it down, take it easy, and live in the moment. If you are worried about too much you can’t focus on what’s important. Especially when you are struggling, forget what happened before, reset, and start fresh with a new mindset.


What inspired you to participate in sport? 


The main reason I started in sports was my three older brothers played high-level hockey. I first started in hockey and dance at around the age of four. I then started to play baseball in the pool with my dad and immediately fell in love from then on it became my sport. As for being willing to participate in anything athletic, it came from my family being athletic and very competitive.

What advice do you have for parents, coaches or sport administrators to encourage or improve sport for females? 


The biggest thing is honesty to me. As a female playing sports we are constantly compared to men and to me being honest with young girls that we don’t necessarily have the same strength as a guy but we have our own strengths; intelligence, flexibility, agility, hand-eye coordination, etc. Focusing on female skills that are equal or superior to men, will allow us to compete with men. Supporting the idea that we can compete in our own way and don’t discourage us by comparing things that will never allow us to be equal.


What is a song that motivates you?  


This Is How We Roll by Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan. This was used as my walk up for the 2019 Baseball Canada 21U Women’s National Championship. This song pumps me up and makes me feel like I can do anything. The lyrics talk about being on your own roll which is exactly what I need to hear before I go up to bat, to remind myself to do my own thing and have fun.


Instagram: @miyawaldron91