Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


I’m currently in my first year at McMaster University studying Life Sciences and graduated from St. Augustine CHS in 2019. Throughout high school, I competed on the field hockey, volleyball, and slo-pitch teams and created my most cherished memories as an athlete. My favourite memory is winning the YRAA slo-pitch championships in grade 12 with my incredible coaches and teammates! Another highlight of my high school experience is being named Female Athlete of the Year from grades 9 to 11. In addition to competing, I was the president of St. Augustine’s Athletic Council and organized events that supported the athletic program, such as intramural tournaments and school-wide fundraisers.


My passion for sports developed when I began playing competitive softball at a young age. I immediately felt a sense of camaraderie and support from my teammates, who are still my best friends today! While immensely improving my confidence, my experience playing softball allowed me to recognize my love for collaborating with other athletes to achieve a common goal. This motivated me to constantly grow as an athlete and compete in other team sports throughout my life. Even now that I am in university, I still prioritize my passion for athletics through playing intramural volleyball, joining the residence running club, and volunteering with McMaster’s athletic program.


Who is a female role model to you? Why?


Anneliese McFadden was my physical education teacher and field hockey coach in high school and has been an instrumental female role model in my life. Mrs. McFadden constantly encouraged me to take on leadership roles in the St. Augustine community and is one of the main reasons why I developed from a timid student to a confident athlete throughout high school. I admire the passion she demonstrates in everything she does, the way she emphasizes the importance of young women being leaders in today’s society, and her dedication to ensuring those around her thrive into the best versions of themselves. These are important qualities of a leader that Mrs. McFadden has inspired me to exemplify in every aspect of my life.

What skills did you learn in sport that are helpful for you to be successful in post-secondary education? 


Resiliency is a critical skill that I developed as an athlete and now constantly use as a university student. I have learned that being able to pick yourself up after striking out requires the same attitude to overcome academic obstacles. Through competing in sport, I believe I have built a stronger mindset that enables me to stay fierce during times of stress and focus on achieving my goals. Additionally, the demands of being a student-athlete allowed me to build strong time-management skills. Because of my experience balancing athletics with other aspects of my life, I have become more aware of how I allocate my time and what tasks I prioritize.


What advice do you have for parents, coaches or sport administrators to encourage or improve sport for females? 


Introduce more female role models! As Lead Thru Sport continually emphasizes, it is so important for young girls to see women in athletic leadership positions as they motivate them to strive for success and break the glass ceiling. I also believe coaches should stress the importance of being multi-sport athletes to young girls. Through playing softball, volleyball, and field hockey, I have learned that different sports offer athletes the opportunities to build unique skill sets. By competing in a variety of sports, young female athletes will become well-rounded individuals who excel in teamwork, discipline, and leadership.


What do you say to yourself to motivate yourself? 


Be your best self! 


My favourite phrase that helps me stay motivated is “Be your best

self!” On days when I’m feeling less confident than others, passive, or anxious, I remember this phrase to remind myself of how truly capable I can be if I just put my best effort forward. I may not be able to control the obstacles I face, but I can control how I react and see the hardships as opportunities to grow as an athlete, student, and leader.