Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


When I was younger, I played soccer, tae-kwon-do and prep softball. The sport I love is basketball and I’ve been playing since I was 8 years old, so this is my 6th year. I was part of a provincial championship team last year! I really like reading different genres of books, writing and art. I enjoy school, learning new things, participating in track & field and lunch helping the younger kids.


What are some strategies you use to balance sport and academics?


School comes first so I just try to get all my work done on time by using strategies like staying organized and writing down due dates.


How has sport helped you be a better leader?

I think basketball has helped me become a better leader because it taught me how to help others, it’s helped me with communicating better, teamwork, building confidence, working hard and I’ve also learned how to create goals and make plans to meet them.


What advice do you have for parents, coaches or sport administrators to encourage or improve sport for females?

They could teach girls it is important not follow other people. A lot of girls quit sports to spend time with their friends, but they can still play and see their friends. They don’t have to choose. Sport administrators can make girls’ sports more visible and fairer compared to boys’ sports. For example, in high school the girls’ basketball season is only 2 months and the boys’ season is much longer. Teachers should fight to change things like that.


What is a song that motivates you?


A song that motivates me is Level Up by Ciara


What is a quote that motivates you?       


My team has a next play mentality, so I say “next play” to myself a lot and it helps me relax and focus on the game.


Instagram: @kimaya_thames