Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


My name is Jess Silver. I am an avid sports fan. My favourite sports are basketball, soccer and tennis and I also love weight training. I’ve been watching basketball since the age of five and in high school was the assistant coach of the girls’ team. I am a medical writer and editor, motivational speaker, Founder of a Non-Profit Organization for adaptive fitness and sport promotion, called Flex for Access. I am passionate about storytelling and conveying facts in different ways, I love writing and working to empower people and develop new ways of achieving physical potential, through fitness and understanding Biomechanics. Some of my accomplishments include, being an Amazon Bestselling Author of my memoir Run: An Uncharted Direction, and published two other books, I am the Founder of a Non-Profit Organization with Global influence; I am an adaptive personal trainer and speak numerous languages.


What do you take pride in as an athlete?


I take pride in being able to perform at a high performance functional fitness level, notwithstanding my physical challenge of Cerebral Palsy, and also in being able to coach and mentor other individuals through adversity.


What skills did sport teach you to overcome challenges?


Sport has given me the strength and understanding and tools needed intrinsically to overcome any adversity, pain and feelings of defeat or doubt. Through sport, I also learned the power of risk taking and releasing of fear and how to effectively communicate with and empower myself and others.


What advice do you have for parents, coaches or sport administrators to improve inclusion in sport?


The best ways to promote inclusion in sport, would be through allowing for the experience with sport and fitness for different individuals in various arenas and facets of sport. Another

way for coaches and sport leaders, to work with organizations like Flex for Access and myself as a consultant.


5 words that best describe me are: