Lead U is designed around the idea that Leadership starts with the self…YOU! This virtual program is delivered by our amazing female coaches through personalized one-on-one sessions. We focus on learning how to lead from within first, which in turn will help you become a better leader to others. In addition to meetings, there will be weekly challenges, check-ins, and tracking sheets for accountability.


Our Coaches have genuine lived experiences and have developed leadership skills through very different avenues. They have created a safe space to express yourself, learn about yourself, and build a strong sense of self. Let’s understand how to lead ourselves moving forward so we can continue to be more aware, confident, and resilient!

LEAD U Approach


This program focuses on 3 stages to start changing ourselves for the better:


1) AWARENESS: Learn how to influence yourself in a positive way by understanding yourself, including passions and challenges.

Understand yourself!


2) ACKNOWLEDMENT: Understanding your thinking and actions can be more adaptive, and commit to moving forward.

Trust Yourself!


3) ACTION: Empower yourself by adopting meaningful, intentional, and consistent practices.

Love yourself!

Do any of these apply to you? If so, this program is right for you!


I want to…

Take control of my thoughts, feelings, and behaviours

Build more confidence

Regulate my emotions in an appropriate way

Appreciate myself more

Not care about what others think

Build healthier relationships with others

Develop assertiveness

Stop procrastinating

Use my passion for purpose

Learn healthy habits

Understand myself better

…or work on any maladaptive behaviours you believe are affecting your life in a negative way.


Let’s tackle what YOU need, and let’s do it together in a safe space.


Each Lead U participant will be paired up with ONE of the following facilitators:


Read more about Natasha



Read more about Carmen



Read more about Julie



Read more about Stephanie




Weekly 1-on-1 session (30-60 minutes each)

Weekly Challenges

Weekly Check-In

Weekly Habit Tracking Sheet

Access to personal Lead U coach

T-Shirt Included



Platform: Zoom


Contact us at leadthrusport@gmail.com

to book your dates!

All sessions are confidential unless a Lead U Coach has a Duty to Report.

Sessions for participants under 18 will be recorded and kept for 12 months to ensure the accuracy of events.

Financial Assistance Available! Fill in the application HERE!