Adrianna, Intern Fall 2017

Since elementary school, Natasha has supported and given me many opportunities to push myself on and off the court. When I mentioned to her that I had an interest in sports management as a possible post-secondary career, she asked me if I would like to participate in the Lead Thru Sport Work Thru Sport program in October 2017. We ran a girls 3V3 basketball tournament with 3 divisions and a three-point competition, and it was a great success. This program allowed me to gain hands-on experience with planning the event, organizing it, and reflecting on it. The whole experience allowed me to see what my possible career choice would look like, and I loved it. I helped with the schedules, the posters, the promoting, the public speaking, and after the event we debriefed on the event and my performance. In the month and a half, I participated in this program, I was planning ahead, organizing people and products, and recognizing there is always room for improvement. These skills are not only used in event planning but also throughout everyday life. I am lucky that I got to learn and use these skills at a young age thanks to the lovely ladies at Lead Thru Sport. I am currently looking to study Sports management after high school, and I have to say that this wonderful opportunity from Lead Thru Sport helped me to recognize that I have a passion for the business side of sports. All in all, I love this program and Lead Thru Sport!

Gabby, Intern Winter 2018

I was given the opportunity to be in the Work Thru Sport program. I was in my last year of high school, preparing my journey to university and this mentorship helped me pave my path. I wrote down my goals to keep focus and was connected to a female math teacher. As an aspiring math teacher myself, I was able to ask all the questions I had and received helpful advice and insight from her. This helped relieve the stress of choosing what is best for me after high school.  I helped at the Because We Can 3×3 basketball tournament and my experience taught me the difference between basketball as a game and as a sport: the game determines a winner and a loser, but the sport does not compare us, rather it brings us all together. I want to thank Natasha and Carmen for letting me be a part of their team, you have taught me not only how to play the game but how to play the sport.

Michaela, Intern Fall 2018

Being a part of Lead Thru Sport through the Work Thru Sport program was one of the most beneficial decisions I have made as a female student-athlete who is striving to develop the qualities of a leader. While being a Master of Ceremony at LTS’s “In the Huddle” event, Natasha and Carmen taught me critical organization, communication, and leadership skills that are extremely valuable for my future in academics and athletics. Additionally, LTS gave me the incredible mentorship opportunity of connecting with a female doctor who answered all the questions I had regarding the health field. Ultimately, interning with this non-profit organization was an empowering experience and has inspired me to flourish into the best athlete, student, and leader I can be.