WEBINAR: Where do we go from here?

Thank you to Theresa Beesley for an AWESOME webinar on using transferable skills for success!


How to use skills learned in sport (confidence, resilience, leadership, assertiveness, teamwork) and how to transition that into your work-life.

Having experiences, failing, and how to learn from them.

Asking questions, recognizing when you need help, and how to ask for it.

Being an active voice rather than a passive voice.


Program Scientist & Evaluator – Faculty of Medicine, McGill University 

My name is Theresa Beesley, I’ve been in school forever! I earned a Bachelor’s degree, Masters Degree, and a PhD in Health Science, Kinesiology. School was tough, I had to work very hard to accomplish my academic goals. It wasn’t until I graduated that I had a chance to reflect on how powerful it was that I was a young female with multiple science degrees. In high school, I struggled in physics and chemistry and I had to always study harder for biology and math than everyone else. I used to stay up all night studying and had to ask for extra help. So, I get why so many girls drop out of science and math. Reflecting on it now, I ask myself the question “why did I stay in it?” There is another side to me… the athletic side. While I didn’t know it during those all-nighters before a calculus exam, my confidence from sport, the experiences that tested my resilience, the feeling of accomplishment in the face of a challenge, these are what motivated me to keep pursuing what I thought was interesting but also so hard.