MAY 15, 2020 | 7PM EST | ZOOM | FREE

Facilitator: Theresa Beesley, PhD

High School/Post-Secondary Students + Community Members Welcome



How to use skills learned in sport (confidence, resilience, leadership, assertiveness, teamwork) and how to transition that into your work-life.


Having experiences, failing, and how to learn from them.


Asking questions, recognizing when you need help, and how to ask for it.


Being an active voice rather than a passive voice.


Program Scientist & EvaluatorFaculty of Medicine, McGill University 

My name is Theresa Beesley, I’ve been in school forever! I earned a Bachelor’s degree, Masters Degree, and a PhD in Health Science, Kinesiology. School was tough, I had to work very hard to accomplish my academic goals. It wasn’t until I graduated that I had a chance to reflect on how powerful it was that I was a young female with multiple science degrees. In high school, I struggled in physics and chemistry and I had to always study harder for biology and math than everyone else. I used to stay up all night studying and had to ask for extra help. So, I get why so many girls drop out of science and math. Reflecting on it now, I ask myself the question “why did I stay in it?” There is another side to me… the athletic side. While I didn’t know it during those all-nighters before a calculus exam, my confidence from sport, the experiences that tested my resilience, the feeling of accomplishment in the face of a challenge, these are what motivated me to keep pursuing what I thought was interesting but also so hard.