Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 


Born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario, I had a wonderful childhood filled with lots of different sports and opportunities. My parents and younger sister were all involved in sport and most of our evenings and weekends were spent in arenas, at ball diamonds and as I got older at the golf course. I grew up playing softball, ringette and hockey and once I got to high school, volleyball, badminton and field hockey. I loved high school sports and was inspired by many of my physical education teachers I had.


I played varsity field hockey and studied at the University of Waterloo with the hopes to one day become a Phys Ed/Geography teacher but the golf bug got the best of me. I am now the Head Golf Professional and Golf Course Owner at Cambridge Golf Club.


Coaching has become my passion since turning professional in 2003. I was hired at The University of Waterloo as their first Varsity Women’s Golf Coach in 2004. We have had a very successful program that has allowed me to be chosen as Coach for Team Canada for the FISU World University Golf Championships in South Africa, Spain and Switzerland as well as at the FISU Summer Universiade in Shenzhen, China.


I am married to Chris and we have the most amazing 2 boys, ages 13 and 9 that are now keeping our evenings and weekends busy in arenas, on ball diamonds and on the golf course.

Please share a story about an internal or external barrier you have faced.


I have been very lucky to have been raised by 2 amazing parents that instilled in my sister and I that we can do anything, play anything and succeed in anything we tried. I can’t say that I faced a specific barrier growing up but as I have become a Mom, I struggle internally with time away from my boys while I am travelling to Coach.


I also struggle with being a woman in the golf business and staying confident in my abilities. I know I am not respected and received the same way a male is in this business, I see and feel it every day, but it’s important that I don’t accept that, not be afraid to be me and push through. It’s important for my boys, my nieces and the girls I coach to see me doing what I love, breaking barriers and defying the odds in this business.

How did you overcome that barrier? What skills did you develop in sport that helped you overcome your barrier?


I believe sport can help anyone learn respect and confidence. It can help you become more social, become competitive and learn to be kind. I have had some wonderful coaches and mentors and not so wonderful coaches that I have been able to take things from to help me with my barriers or challenges.


I have learned a good coach has the ability to identify and support the differences in each player, technically, mentally, emotionally and socially. As a coach you have to be professional and positive, and help your athletes develop by promoting critical thinking in order for them to become independent learners. This is something that I strive for while coaching at the University of Waterloo in the hopes that these student athletes will continue to play competitively after University and promote the game to their families and someday their own children.


If you had one word to describe your character, experiences or philosophy what would it be?




If you wanted to motivate a young female athlete to #BuildHerUp, what quote would you use? Why?


“I believe the only limitations are the ones that we accept. I know that there is, in theory, a glass ceiling. But I don’t believe that it’s a solid wall. I’m going through it. Nothing’s stopping me. Yes, there are these preconceived notions; yes, we have challenges. Let’s accept them, let’s not be afraid of them, let’s break through them.” – Debbi Fields


I love this quote for so many reasons but most importantly because it speaks about what it takes from me as an individual to not get caught up in the limitations and barriers I face as a woman in a business that is very male dominated.