Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


I am a movement enthusiast! I grew up playing hockey, rugby, field hockey, and lacrosse and I didn’t specialize until I had to choose in University… and I chose lacrosse! I started coaching and may like it even more than playing shhhh…! I even got to coach the National Chinese Women’s lacrosse while I lived there for 3 years. I love type 2 fun and you will find me commuting around the city on my bike or exploring the trails in Toronto! I am passionate about empowering others to dare to try.


What is something you’re proud of that is outside of sport?


I am proud of myself for moving to China on my own after university. I am proud that I made the most of every opportunity by embracing the scary times and finding the fun.


What elements of leadership parallel your sport and life leadership?


I am a lead by example kind of gal and I believe in showing up every day.


What advice do you have for parents, coaches, or sport administrators to improve inclusion in sport?


Ask the question: What if this athlete is doing their best?


5 words that best describe me are:





Instagram: @jessellamie and @howwesportca