Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


I’ve played sports my entire life – mainly continuing on in volleyball, ultimate frisbee (Team Canada x4), football (Nationally) and badminton (Varsity). It’s what paved the path for me to becoming a Certified Athletic Therapist for the past 8 years.


Sports and being an AT are the things that drive me in life to being who I am. As an athlete and as an AT, I see the benefits of being active and I truly want to see the best for everyone in their lives – I believe that starts with their quality of life, being true to who they are and truly caring for one another.


I have tons of little hobbies because I love trying new things but my work, sports, my doggo and family + friends usually keep me busy as is!


What sparked your passion for sport? How can it be shared with others?


I’m quite competitive and I love the feeling of achieving things (individually and as a team) that you thought was out of your reach. Sports also gets those endorphins rolling which almost always makes me feel good after a practice/workout/game/tournament.


The feeling of hitting your potential (and this marker almost always continues to develop) is a very contagious feeling that hopefully others can enjoy when they experience it, unfortunately a lot of the times, we tend to compare ourselves with other people and THEIR potential. Focus on yourself and you will enjoy the progresses along the way!


What habits did you develop in sport help you become successful in your career?


Practice good habits – it’s the small things that become big and make a great overall impact.


Perseverance/determination – the right road will never be easy but you will get there if you keep moving forward.


Teamwork – it’s not always about you. Be the team member you want on the team.


Listen – there’s always more to learn.


What advice do you have for parents, coaches, or sport administrators to improve inclusion in sport?


I’d like to refer back to my last 2 points above.


Listen because you don’t know everything and then be the team member you want for a team by implementing what you learned whether it’s having more female athletes, LGBTQ+ athletes or athletes with a disability being represented on teams, in the media, the highlight reels, being paid equitably, being treated like all athletes, providing support, encouraging the confidence on and off the field/court at a young age, etc. There are so many things that need to be done and to change but it’s so important in making sure we truly listen to the voices that need to be heard and then actually implement these changes.


Please provide us with 5 words that best describe you.



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