Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Nijayah Paris Kerr, I am 11 years old. I was born in Toronto, Canada. I have a cat named Oreo who is black and white hence his name OREO, he is turning 2 years old in April! My general interests are playing video games with my friends and baking cookies & cakes. I love swimming and I am currently an Ultra 8 level swimmer. I know how to do all the strokes, but my favourite is the backstroke. I also participate in taekwondo and I am currently a green belt. My dojo is called Des Santos. I love and have a strong passion for art, especially acting, visual, singing and dancing. I am currently represented by an acting/modeling agency called Kamera Talent. This past summer I was involved in Kid Food Nation. For the role, I had to go to shopping in Chinatown and eat some interesting stuff like dumplings, chicken foot, tripe, jalapenos, and yam. To be honest, no one should have to eat chicken feet it was not very tasty.

What habits did you develop in sport help you become successful in your academics/career?

My activities I participate in help me become successful in school because I have to keep trying and trying until I get the results I am looking forward to.  Sometimes I don’t always complete the task or win but I have to keep trying over and over until I am happy with the result.

What do you take pride in as an athlete?

I feel really happy and excited when I participate in my activities I take pride in just being able to do stuff and have fun.

What advice do you have for parents, coaches or sport administrators to improve inclusion in sport?

There shouldn’t be rough play so that everyone can play activities and enjoy sports.


5 words that best describe me are: