3rd Annual IN THE HUDDLE

3rd Annual IN THE HUDDLE

Our 3rd annual In the Huddle: Lessons from Female Leaders in Sport was a huge success! This was a unique opportunity offered to high school female student-athletes and community members to learn and interact with accomplished women. Students had an opportunity to network with guest speakers during the event.

Some of the amazing student-athletes who came out to connect and learn!

The Markham Pan Am was an amazing host and the speakers were truly inspiring. Thank you to everyone for all of the support! We look forward to seeing everyone next year again!!!

Our 4 inspirational speakers with the co-founders of LTS!



Growth for Purpose: Sports and Mentorships were the roots and foundation to my successes

Nike Charles works full time as an Insurance Claims Manager and is the owner of JUST2SWEAT, a boot camp workout environment where faith and fitness transform lives! As she aims to be an example of having a healthy and active lifestyle, it’s not surprising that both her son and daughter active in rep sports. Nike is always full of energy and it’s her motivational “no excuses” mentality that pushes people around her to do whatever they need to do to fulfill their goals. Her energy is infectious and her passion for health and fitness will inspire you along your fitness journey. Nike is not just a trainer, but a shoulder, an ear and simply a human who understands the busy lifestyle of a working mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. She will empathize with you, but she will also push you to break your boundaries.She holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Kinesiology and a Minor in Sports Medicine. She is also a Can Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer who integrates fitness into her daily life whenever she can.


Off Field: Understanding how your lifestyle impacts your performance

Dallas started her career as a personal trainer in 2007 to find her way back into fitness after being sidelined by sports injuries in her early 20s.  Not being able to do the things she loved, gave her an understanding for those struggling to regain their health.  She works closely with medical professionals to coordinate post-rehab plans for patients with injuries and health conditions.  Her own experiences have taught her how to train for pain management, injury prevention and the importance of mobility and functional movement patterns.Dallas is a competitive athlete and has played rugby for over 12 years. She is an NCCP Certified Rugby 15s and Rugby 7s Coach, currently coaching three different youth girls’ teams.  She has found her passion in engaging and building strong young girls through rugby.  Being a strength coach, rugby coach and athlete gives her a unique skill set to draw on to develop strong and resilient athletes.


The Power of Positivity: How support on the field translates beyond the game

Hina Mirza is a visionary for women in sports. Her dream of overcoming the odds to create a safe and inclusive space for women to learn and play is what created Sisterhood Softball, a faith-based league that opened its doors to women who were new to the game, had never played the sport before, or those who were rekindling a childhood activity. The force behind the project was “sisterhood before softball” a unique combination of camaraderie and support for one another while playing a game that created opportunities for women who had never thought they’d be part of a team. She’s passionate about creating positive athletic experiences for everyone, as a strong supportive woman, it is her goal to inspire others to build each other up, both on and off the field.


Changing Arenas: How I transitioned from MMA fighting to entrepreneurship

Gemma started doing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in grade 10, and before long all she wanted to do was become the next big MMA star. The next 10 years her life consisted of training and competing in the sports of kickboxing, wrestling, and brazilian jiu jitsu. Everything was going as planned: she had a great 5-1 record, had got gold at the Jiu Jitsu Pan Ams, and was ranked best MMA fighter in Ontario. In 2017, an MRI showed visible brain damage, and doctors highly suggested she stop fighting. She thought about why she was doing MMA to begin with, and she realized that she wasn’t making as big an impact as she would like to by fighting MMA. Gemma quit and started a company called Girls Who Fight, and now she teaches girls and women mixed martial arts and self-defense.